Pete Stiel toernooi 2016

The 4th Pete Stiel International Hockey Tournament

Hello participant,

We can’t wait to see and welcome you all in the weekend of the 9 & 10 of April 2016 in Hoorn, The Netherlands,for the4th Pete Stiel International Hockey Tournament.

For your preparation and to get into the mood, we hereby send you some information and tips for your stay in Hoorn.

Very important for you, is to know what the playing fee for the tournament is, this year. All teams will be charged € 400 per team for the weekend. This is only for playing and excludes food, lodging and of course drinks. Later this month, after your promise to come, we’ll send you an account number to where your payment can be transfered to.

When you come to Hoorn to play, there is another important item that we would like to share with you and that is: the tournament rules. Share them with you teammates. That way there won’t be any arguing or debating on the ice during games and you all know how to play the tournament and enjoy it.

At the end of this letter, there is some information about the city of Hoorn, some restaurants and some pubs and other cool places and surrounding areas. Amsterdam for example about 35 kilometers away.

Mid-.March you can find the latest info on:

If there are questions don’t hesitate and send an e-mail to (Mark)

Invited Teams 2016:

  • Eiskalte Eltern Braunschweig (Germany) !
  • Den Haag Ongetemd (The Netherlands)
  • Swiss Fun-Icehockey Team ‘Icebirds’ (Switserland) (Defending title)
  • Wolfsburger Eishocke Gemeinschaft (WEG)
  • Antwerp Phantoms
  • Girls with Sticks
  • Blue Mountain Cougars Team 4th division (The Netherlands)
  • Blue Mountain Cougars Team 5th division (The Netherlands)

Speelschema Pete Stiel toernooi 2016 Definitief

Diner in the Ice PALACE:

On Saturday, half an hour after the last game, Spare Ribs & Beer will be served in the bar of the Ice Palace.

If you want to sign up for the meal, this is possible for the players but also for family and friends. Please contact Mark the beginning of March so we can inform the catering. Tell us by mail with how many people you want to eat and at the beginning of the tournament you can pay approx.€ 15,00 per person to Mark so you can enjoy this fantastic meal.

Like the years before, this year we’ll also have a live band playing some atmospheric music before, during and after dinnertime.

The Ceremony:

After the last game on Sunday the trophies will be given out to the winners and all other participating teams

The ceremony will be held on the Ice directly after the last game.






The Game rules:

The games will be played without the icing rule.

There are NO deliberate BODYCHECKS allowed!!!!!!!!!!

Non intentional body contact can happen and is allowed.

You can pinch a player against the boarding or hold him down, without too much physical force.

We are all working seniors who are addicted to the game. As you, we all have to work again next week.

If two teams are tied on equality of points in the standings after completion of the round-robin, the following tie breaking criteria applies: 1. Head-to-head (mutual) games between the teams concerned. 2. Overall goal differential. 3. Higher number of goals scored for. 4. Game Winning Shot competition between the teams concerned. If three or more teams have the same number of points in the group after completion of the round-robin, then their ranking is determined by the higher number of points in a special standing composed just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games. If the number of points is equal between the teams in this special standing just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games, then the following tie breaking criteria applies (with no secondary return to the head-to-head results): 1. Goal differential in the standing between the teams involved. 2. Higher number of goals scored between the teams involved. 3. Goal differential from all games played in the group. 4. Higher number of goals scored from all games played in the group. 5. Shootout between the teams which are still equal.








If two teams are equal in the above tie-breaking criteria at the end of their last game in the group and their standing cannot be influenced by games to follow, this game will be prolonged for an overtime period, to decide the positions of the two teams.